Mar 31, 2007

Only the toes knows

This morning was pedi's for the ladies and then breakfast out. Can you match the toes with the to the pretty lady.

Jacki Radojka Jaime Jen Malissa Jacque

Mar 29, 2007

Nathan's Art Show

Today was Nathan's kindergarten Art Show and play. His performance was commanding and his art is creative.

Mar 28, 2007

Angels on Earth

News from Hunter Creek Farms in Roswell, N.M. Beautiful twins were born and are doing well. What a blessing. This makes 91 babies for the year so far!! Probably about 40 - 50 more to go!!

I've always believed God has a plan for our lives, and there are reasons for the roads that we travel. Roswell led me to Hunter Creek Farms. And my experience with the mamas and babies for 2 years, was the closest I have ever felt to nature and God.

Mar 27, 2007

Believers are Wii

"Look around you. There are many things to see, that some would say could never be. These things I know. It's true and I will tell you so. They are there to see, if you believe. Trolls and wizards and fairy kings, birds that talk and fish that sing. And if your heart is true, then you will find them too.In every wish and dream and happy home, you will find a kingdom of the Gnomes."

Last night after the dust storm and pounding rain, a little gnome moved into our garden. As long as he stays on his mushrooms, he will never know the secret of my garden. I hope he stays, protecting all the little creatures that pass through and bringing love, dreams, and hope to all our family and friends. I think his name is Harvey

Mar 15, 2007

St Patrick was Welsh?

The person who was to become St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was born in Wales about AD 385. . And the famous account of his banishing all the snakes from Ireland, a myth.

And is Corned Beef really Irish? Who cares, it was delicious..... slow baked in the oven with oranges, apples, celery, onions, potatos, carrots and cabbage and simmered in Apple juice. The aroma... intoxicating, the flavors... celebrator. An early dinner party with the whole fam damily before Emil, Nathan and I leave for PA tomorrow.

Happy St Patricks day everyone!!!!

Mar 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Radojka

" Home cookin'" dinner at the Black Bear in Tulare for a motley crew
and presents for Radojka for her birthday.

Mar 9, 2007

Lab diagnosis

Two months into my journey to health and my lab results say my cholesterol and my liver`are back to normal. Vytorin and a healthy diet have definitly made a difference but I still need to get into exercising. Last night Steve, Jen and I started walking the dogs in the evening. It was fun and a good start. I really want to thank my whole family for their love and support.

Mar 8, 2007

Hump Day I

This is my bestest little friend Nathan, he's staying with Grandpop and me for 3 days while Mommy is on a business trip. Last night at his Awana Club meeting, he earned two more jewels for his crown pin. Nathan is a Sparkie and the Spark's motto is "My friend for Christ".

Hump Day II

WOW, this has got to be one of my all time favorite shows, right up there with Twin Peaks and Carnivale. What does that say about me.... Sandy and Chris got me hooked with one episode while visiting in PA and the rest is history. The kids gave me seasons 1 and 2 for Christmas and it's been a marathon since then. If your not watching this, and I can't imagine why, you should. There is someone for everyone, my personal favorite is John Locke, hmmmm.

Mar 7, 2007


To surprise Emil, I ordered Italian salad dressing from our favorite restaurant from when we lived in Pocatello, Idaho, Buddy's. (1980-1983). It's an olive oil, blue cheese, garlic combination and absolutely delicious. I planned a dinner with 3 cheese manicotti but after shopping three grocery stores and no luck finding the noodles, I had to settle with vegetable lasagna, equally yummy. BUT my surprise was trumped by a delivery that day from his bosses in Ventura, a case of assorted wines. It was a thank you for his dedication, leadership and hard work. The Fattoria Le Fonti Chianti Classico, Riserva 1997 was a perfect compliment for our special dinner. Jaime, Nathan, Steve and Jen were here to celebrate with us. Thank you Ventura Coastal and congratulations Emil.

Mar 4, 2007

You bring out the best in me







That is what flows through my veins. What runs through my mind. Total ecstasy of the life I live. Living my life as I live. Too much. Giving in kindness and heart and healing with a kind word or touch.
Jacqueline they call me.
Impish with bit of style. Wicked with a sense of character, I smile a great smile and love the world I am apart of.
Am I innocent? Am I devilish? No one is to know. Am I kind? Am I loving? Always to be known.
My heart encompasses more of my life than many can’t understand. I feel with a heart as great as the ocean, passionate, powerful. I touch and hold on to precious things as a mother protects her cubs. Loyally, unwavering.
Am I the one that’s dancing on top of tables and acting wild and crazy? Am I the one taking the spot light away for my own good? No. No that’s not me at all. I’m the one that takes a smile and stretches it into many desirous dreams. I’m the one that arouses without one knowing. Taking a smile into a laugh, and pulling out a groan when least expected.
In privacy, there are no limits, no boundaries. The mind is a beautiful thing to explore. My heart beats its magical cadence in tune with those close to my soul. Sensitivity, empathy, and overpowering love reaches those I let in. A soft blanket of concern, nurturing and warmth settles in my heart and over those in my life. Dancing lightly over the points of my life, I share the happiness within my soul.
Jacqueline Ann is who I am.
An every present secret not only to myself but to those around me. A mystery that is so simple to solve, yet not as easily accomplished as one wished. Dancer. Singer. Vixen. Angel. Innocent. Mischievous. Sensual. Sexy. Enigma.
But purely myself.

Missing someone

Love is missing someone whenever you're apart,

but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart.

Saturday night dinner

"Baby Addie"

  1. Baby Addie comes over for a visit, Jacque has a parenting class in her senior year and has to take care of a computerized new born with a very big appetite. Whenever she cries, Jacque has to enter a key, that has been strapped to her wrist, in the dolls back. This stops the crying and the key is held there til another small cry comes out. Addie cries randomly every 2 to 6 hours keeping Jacque on her toes.

The BIG Freeze

"Cold ruins nearly $1B of California citrus,
damaged fruit from the current freeze may still be salvaged as juice, usually a byproduct for California farmers."

Emil has been working non stop daily and breaking production records since the big freeze. But today we had a chance for a top down road trip in the country and lunch out, just the 2 of us. Gotta love that Cali weather...

Mar 2, 2007

Under Control?

Don't ever think you have things under control, there is always a Power greater than ours.

Mar 1, 2007

excess baggage

For the trip I need to pack my tools.
diagnosis: high cholestrol
high blood pressure
diabetes type 2
too much junk in the trunk

The Journey

The journey starts now...
At first thought I felt I was traveling back to my long ago previous better health, but in reality I am taking a new road forward, a new way of traveling. Life changes I have never experienced, and I am ready to meet the challenge. The future is bright!
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