Nov 28, 2007

Thirty Seven Years ...

countless miles and still counting!
Happy Anniversary Emil,
we've built something wonderful together.

Nov 23, 2007

Bonnie's Birthday

Most favorite and closest cousins, Bonnie and Patty. You never said one name without the other. In fact most all my pictures of her are with Patty. But Bonnie was our driving force, she was and still is afraid of nothing. I love being part of their family. Birthdays with Bonnie were the best.
Happy Birthday Bonnie!!!

Thanksgiving 2007

Delicious from beginning to end

Nov 22, 2007

So much to be thankful for then...

All of my Thanksgiving memories were at My (Great) Aunt Helen's (Ackermann) home. Thursday morning was saved for the Macy's day parade and then off to Philadelphia, (Nassau Ave) to spend the day at my Aunt Helen and Uncle Harold's home. My Daddy, Pop Powell and Uncle Harold would watch football all day on TV (black & white). Sometimes my Aunt's friend Jimmy would join them for the games. My Mother, Mom Powell and Aunt Helen spent the day in the kitchen. She had a big, beautiful, bright kitchen and it smelled so good. Every hour or so my Dad would lift the Turkey out of the oven for it's unveiling and basting. No microwaves or frozen food then. Most of my day was spent on the front sun porch playing with my dolls and napping. I always loved my Aunt's bubble light tree at the base of the steps. No cousins on this side of the family, my Mom was an only child. But when we sat at the table for this delicious meal and gave Thanks to God, everything always seemed right in my world.


So much to be Thankful for now....
Now we have this large family and the house is overflowing with fun and love. My table isn't big enough, my kitchen is small and I don't have a sun room but my life is wonderful and I thank God for his blessing on our family and friends.

Another November Birthday

I met Nancy Batten when I started working at Bell Telephone as an operator after high school. With her, for four years, I did things and went places I never knew were imaginable. My world as I knew it had changed, and what a ride it was! We've lost touch but I still consider her a changing force in my life and one of my best friends. We were born on the same day and would tell people we were twins with 2 different fathers.
Thanks Nancy!!!!

Nov 21, 2007

Birthdays come and go....

What happens when you don't have a Mother to plan your birthday party for you anymore. ..
Growing up, my Mother always had a celebration for my birthday. Every year for just that one day, I was special. Party, cake, presents, surprises, decorations, family and friends.

Thanks Mom, I miss you.

The Sweetest Gift

This gift bag full of old fashion country store candy was delivered to Jaime's house last week, but there wasn't a gift card sent with it... she would really like to say thanks but has no idea to whom. Any takers???

Nov 19, 2007

Diane Keefer's birthday

Birthdays are always more fun when you have a freind to share the fun. Diane and I have been best friends from the first day I started at Clifton Heights High in second term 7th grade, January 1960, we remain friends still. Leaving Beverly Hills Jr High and starting at a new small school, 7 thru 12, with about 50 kids in our class that have been together since kindergarten was very frightening for me but Diane took me under her wing and taught me the ropes, sometimes good, sometimes not so good... But what a great time we had. Happy Birthday Diane....

Jaime's baby shower

Jaime's shower was held at a local scrapbooking shop, we had a lunchion buffet and then everyone jumped in and made a scrapbook page for Jaimes baby book. She received so many wonderful gifts from family and friends.

Nov 17, 2007

Angels among us

All God's angels come to us disguised. Thank you for my beautiful flower Bella...

Nov 16, 2007

My parents anniversary Nov 16,1946

November starts the holiday season and every year, brings back wonderful memories of growing up with my family. But it is always bittersweet because I miss these times and my family and friends long lost. And sometimes it is very hard for me to get through the rest of the year. My biggest wish is that I am creating these momentous memories for my own family. I was certainly blessed to be their daughter.

Road Trip

Everybody into the car, we're taking our first ride together for our first Doctors checkup

Everybody is doing fine and growing like three peas in a pod....

Nov 15, 2007

Welcome home Seth

Now there are three, everyone is home and the party begins...

Nov 12, 2007

Three Amigos

I went with Anthony tonight to visit our little boys, Aiden was brought back to Community Hospital this afternoon and is gaining on his brother and sister. He now weighs the most of everyone and has a strong appetite. Chances are he will be home very soon. Seth has been our little guy all along and still needs some assistance to get all his nutrtion. When every calorie counts it's important he doesn't miss a drop. I fed him most all of his bottle but what he couldn't finish was given to him through a tube so he can get big and strong and come home soon too.

Nov 8, 2007

Local Papers, November 7, 2007



Tulare Mother Welcomes Triplets

By Mike Hazelwood

First came Seth. Then Aiden. Then Emilia.
Now? A lot of diapers.
"[Doctors] said we need about 36 diapers per day," said sister Jacquelyn Delgado of Tulare.
At 18, Jacquelyn is the oldest of six children in the Delgado family, a number that was doubled about 6:50 a.m. Saturday.
That's when Jaime Delgado gave birth to the triplets at Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno.
To recap, the Delgado family is:
Jaime, 30, who returned home Wednesday.
Anthony, 36, the proud new papa.
Jacquelyn, a College of the Sequoias student.
Jacob, 16, a Tulare Union High School student.
Skyler, 12, a Cherry Avenue Middle School student.
Seth, who was born at 4 pounds, 7 ounces. He is expected to stay at Community Medical Regional Center for a few more days to gain more weight.
Aiden, who was born at 5 pounds, 10 ounces. He is recovering at Children's Hospital Central California from surgery to repair a tear in his lung.
Emilia, who was born at 5 pounds, 12 ounces. She returned home with Jamie.
The entire family should be home, happy and healthy, within two weeks, Jacquelyn said.
"I love babies, so I can't wait until they're all home and healthy," she said.
It was the first time giving birth for Jaime, who is stepmother to the older children.
She has been in the hospital the past five weeks in anticipation of the birth.
Heard good things come in threes?
The Delgados believe so.
Jaime and Anthony had been trying to have a child together for three years, and their three babies were born Nov. 3.
The oldest three Delgado children are preparing their Tulare home, including stocking up on food and diapers.
It will be a challenge for sure, but at least the family doesn't need to worry about mixing up the babies.
"They look different" Jacquelyn said. "Emilia looks like Jaime, Seth looks like my dad and Aiden, he has his own little look."

Nov 7, 2007

Jaime's Homecoming August 1977

Thirty years ago I brought Jaime home and her Grandmom was there to help out, today Jaime gets to bring home her little girl and she'll have 3 Grandmoms helping her.
Aiden and Seth are both doing good but still need a little more developing time and they will join Emilia soon.

Nov 6, 2007

Day 3

Aiden' s surgery to repair a tiny tear in his lung
went well and he is now off the
ventillator and breathing on his own.
He's still at the Valley Childrens Hospital.

Emilia has been moved to her Mom's room and is settling in very comfortably, possibly today Seth will be joining them.


Happy Birthday Tim and many many more to come.

Nov 5, 2007

Aiden / Day 2

Last night the decision was made to transfer Aiden to the Valley Childrens Hospital . He continues to need oxygen and the specialists over there will be able to help him better. Please remember this special little guy in your prayers.

Daddy changing his diaper

Seth / day 2

For a little fellow Seth is holding his own and loving the attention. He drinks his bottle slower than Emilia wanting to savor every bit, while always keeping attention on everyone with him. They are keeping him in an isolet to help maintain his temperature.

Jaime was able to go visit her babies today but still has a lot of recovering to day. But it won't be long before everyone is together.

Emilia / day 2

Emilia is the strongest of the trio and we expect she will go home with Jaime later this week. She was sleeping the whole time we were with the babies, but the nurse said she will let you know when she wants attention and can belt down a bottle with the best of them. Much like her Mother, lol

Nov 3, 2007

Our triplets

Seth, Aiden, Emilia and Mama are all doing well this evening. Seth, the smallest has already been moved from the special care unit and Aiden (now off of oxygen) and Emilia should follow him in the morning. Chances are all will be going home on Wednesday with Jaime. It is just amazing when you look at them and think of how Jaime carried all three for so long. My little girl never siezes to amaze me. Most of all I thank God and his blessings on our family.

Seth william 4 lb 7 oz (just born cell phone shots)

Aiden tiger 5 lb 9 oz

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