Apr 30, 2008

The matted Maine coon

Joe had his beautiful long hair shaved off today, but his friend Harold was right there to let him know, everything will be okey and it will all grow back..

Apr 24, 2008

Cutie's...Emil and Amy

Some pictures are timeless,
this was taken in Burley, Idaho, in March 1978, when Nell and Amy came out to help me after my kidney stone surgery. It's no wonder I love my family so much

Apr 21, 2008

Beef and Blossoms

A Sunday country ride with Emil to smell the orange blossoms. It is (to me) intoxicating.
Along the way we can't help but stop and visit with these big fellows grazing in the fields.

Apr 13, 2008

Fresno Grizzlies

Saturday we went to the Fresno Grizzlies AAA game with Emil and Nathan. Cracker jacks, peanuts and hot dogs, All American. And we won, 3 - 2 !!!

Apr 10, 2008

Me And My Womb Mate

Radojka is just past 14 weeks. The babies and Radojka are doing great. They're "2 do" list includes cribs, strollers, car seats and a new car big enough to hold everyone.
You can see one little guy laying across the front and the other one is stretched out front to back and all you can see is his little head on the left side.
Daddy Emil made another one of his delicious cheesecakes to celebrate...Keylime....yum

Apr 6, 2008

Wine and Weaners

Road trip on Saturday with Emil to the coast. I love spur of the moment trips. It was a top down leisurely day stopping at a couple vineyards in Paso Robles for some wine tasting and then on to my favorite place, San Simeon, to watch the elephant seals. The beach isn't too busy this time of the year, the mamas and papas have left for sea and mostly left are this seasons weaners. A lot were lost this season due to all the bad coastal storms. Then an ocean view lunch, a little shopping in Cambria and we were on our way home.

Apr 4, 2008

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