Oct 22, 2008

"Way Back When"sday

abt 1988 Walton bathroom
no one knows why or how
or who took the picture

Oct 15, 2008

"Way Back When"sday

Emil 2 years old, 1975
our first (big screen) TV, B&W RCA
our first stereo, Magnavox

Oct 13, 2008

Pixie Pinups

Emil and Radojka "Way back when"

Max looking like his Momma and Isabel looking like her Daddy

Oct 9, 2008

Oct 8, 2008

"Way Back When"sday

Christmas in Clifton Heights 2005
Diane, Doris, Charlie, (Shannon), Bob and Jacki
front and center My Uncle George,
who will be sorely missed
born in Maryland about 1922
passed on to God, Oct. 2008

Oct 3, 2008

YEA Phillies

My Mom took this picture many years ago at a Clifton parade.
Once a Philly girl, always a Philly girl....
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