Aug 30, 2008

Those Wildwood Days

What a fun treat this morning, Mike and Nell, (my brother and sister in laws) called to say hi from the live Earthcam in Wildwood. Looks like a cloudy day there but it sure made mine bright out here. Check out the webcam and see who you might know... CLICK HERE

Aug 29, 2008

Aug 26, 2008


Steve had his surgery at St Agnes last Thursday and his check up was yesterday. Everything looks good and the healing process has begone. For the next month he has physical therapy in Fresno, 3 times a week.

Aug 25, 2008

122 Days, 1 Hours, 6 Minutes til Christmas

I have found my new Christmas dishes. It has been over 3 years since I took my red dishes to our Clifton Hghts house and I miss setting my Christmas table. I have been searching and searching for the dishes that would catch my eye and my holiday spirit. And I have found my new table setting replacing my red Waechtersbach Christmas Tree Dinnerware. This Pottery is made in Poland, making it a perfect family heirloom. All I have purchased so far is 4 plates but little by little I will build a festive table. Christmas gifts gladly accepted, hint-hint. lol

Aug 20, 2008

"Way Back When"sday

Me, Bob and our Dad
camping on Spring Mountain, PA
abt 1965

one of my favorite pictures of me and my Dad,

nothing beats a hug from your Daddy

Aug 18, 2008

"I should write a book"

While Emil and I were over the coast for the weekend having a nice time getting away from the heat, our son Steve, while goofing off with some of his friends after work, proceded to shoot himself accidently in the hand with a BB gun, that he thought was empty. Tomorrow we have to go to a hand specialist to have the BB removed from his middle finger. Jen came to the rescue and took him to emergency services on Saturday, and his big brother and sister soon followed to be with him for support. A quote from Emil's Mom, "I should write a book..."

Aug 17, 2008

Estellville Manor

Do you believe in Ghosts ?

A very long time ago, before I was married in 1970, my Grandmother took me on a "back road" ride in the Pinelands of Jersey. A quick right off the AC Express Way was all I remembered. Now this in itself was not unusual. My Grandmother and my Mother were "back road travelers". As for myself, I always stick with interstates, parkways, turnpikes, etc.

As a child, our weekend trips in the summer to our Forked River seashore home, included drivng through the Pine Barrens, and listening to stories like those of the Jersey Devil. My Grandmother, a 5th generation Philadelphian, loved her history and her stories.

So on this particular trip, we stopped along the road, just in front of a beautiful old abandoned house built in the early 1800's. I noticed the large, towering pillars and the grandness of how she stood among the pine trees and the forgotten over grown gardens. My Grandmother started telling me stories of the house and it's long ago family. She told me about tea parties and gatherings. She described the beautiful furniture and the grande interior of the house. It was almost as if she had lived there in another time. The owners were the Estell family and they owned and operated a glass factory in the area. She said they were very good people and took wonderful care of their employees. Next we went a little down the road and made a "V" turn and we saw the Methodist church, built for all the local families working in the Mills, and it's cemetary of forgotten tombstones and names, worn off from many years of harsh weather and neglect. That's when she said that this is where she wanted to live when she died. This is where her spirit would reside. In this old house with it's many colorful residents.

Many years have passed since my Grandmother died from complications from Alzheimers, but I have always remembered this trip and how she insisted she would live there some day. So on my last trip back to Clifton Heights from Cape May, I decided to take the "back roads" with my son and grandson, to find my Grandmother's new home.

We researched old glass factories in Jersey on the internet and narrowed it down to the Estellville factory, then set our GPS. While following RT 50, I immediately recognized the house. I was even able to go directly to the church. I wonder if I had some "spiritual" help....hmmm

Funny thing is the area is now a state park and has hiking trails and parks all over the place, plus a nature museum, that my Grandson, Nathan really enjoyed. There is even money funded to restore the old house in the future.

By the way, I looked in the windows of this old , empty house and knocked on the door.

The door slowly and silently opened.

I had found my Grandmothers new home.

Florence Powell 1965
A Man Full of Trouble Tavern Museum
Philadelphia 1760

Estell Manor and
what's left of the Estellville glass factory 1825 -1877

M. E. Church 1834

Aug 16, 2008

So Happy for You

Congratulations on your engagement
Debbie and Paul

God knew you both needed someone special,
so He gave you each other.
God bless you with love and happiness!
"What joys He gives to all His people"
Psalm 3:8

Aug 13, 2008

"Way Back When"sday

Me and my 63 Triumph Spitfire TR 4
Penn St, Clifton Hghts 1968
(as requested by my cousin Kathy,
sorry not the Dr Zhivago coat)

bonus pic
Emil's Rambler American

Aug 11, 2008

Happy Bday "Cinderella"

Yesterday my little girl turned 31, and each year she gets more beautiful. The years fly by, the scenery changes and seasons run into each other but my Jaime never seizes to amaze me. How lucky I am that she is my daughter and best friend.

Aug 8, 2008

Triple Play

Today my kiddles had their 9 month checkup and shot updates.(yuk).
They are all growing so fast...
Aiden 28.5in. & 19lbs
Seth 28in &19lbs 5oz
Emilia 28in & 16lbs 5oz

Dr Galindo, Mommy, Seth, Grandmom Lynn and Emilia

Aiden says "These feet were made for walking"


Dinner at Big Bubba's with Grandmom and Grandpop, then a turn on the bull...

Aug 6, 2008

Dick Family Reunion

Emil's mother's side of the family had a reunion picnic in Sommers Point, NJ and I wanted to share some of the pictures with everyone. As you can see the turn out was great and everyone had a wonderful time

Barycki clan

celebrating Mom's 80th birthday

"Way Back When"sday

Kenny and his cousin Eddie
abt 1969

Aug 5, 2008

Cape May Cruizin'

While back East in July, I took 4 days for myself and stayed in Cape May with my guys. I love the bay side in North Cape May, a lot less congested and the inlet is always busy with boats coming and going. I'm not a swimmer but love walking the beach.

Aug 2, 2008

Are we ever comfortable?

It has been awhile since I have been posting, July was a very busy month and just flew by. So this weekend I am trying to get caught up on blogging and my house chores. Keeping my priorities in order, you can see I'm at the computer first...

Today Emil and I had lunch at a Chinese Restaurant in Fresno and my fortune was right on, "In life, it's good not to get too comfortable".

Life and events are constantly changing, some are controllable, most in my life are not. But, I guess it is how you adjust to these changes as to whether you get to be comfortable, if even for only a little while. I often need to remind myself that there is a purpose for every little twist in my life's path. Just this past month there were changes in both my East coast home and my West coast home. They are not the first and will certainly not be the last, but none the less, they effect my life and my comfort levels.

I fully believe we need to be aware of our past to guide ourselves through the present and into our future. My strong family ties to PA and NJ are always a part of my present and most of my memories are forged with the past there. But the older I get, the more I feel my future will also be intertwined with this area.

Originally this trip was to go to a family reunion from Emil's side, but because of airfares and schedules we were unable to make it on time. This, my recent Black & White blog and emails from Emil's family about the reunion, have started me digging more into our Clifton Heights past. But enough of my ramblings, I will start posting some of my family findings on my blogs...
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