Jun 27, 2008

Pre Kindergarden

Can you remember your first day to school? Actually I can't, all I remember is my mother's threats that if I misbehaved she would put me in Catholic school, lol.

Well, my little cousin, Trent , has started pre kindergarden . Holly and Jeff sent this picture and I wanted to share the moment. Looks like we may have an artist in the family. Bet Grandmom Patty is pretty proud.

Jun 23, 2008

Emil's Birthday Dinner

Just a small Sunday get together for Emil's birthday (Anthony and the rest of the kids couldn't make it). Emilia had a lot of "me" time. The weather was about 108 degrees outside but dinner was good and his ice cream cake hit the spot.

Jun 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Emil

Good Times, Fun Memories, (Easter 2008)
Happy Moments,
Emil and Steve at NY NY Las Vegas,
moving at 67mph, April 1, 2000

Lessons Learned,
True Blessings,
as each year goes by,
There are some things
you never leave behind....
Celebrating Your Birthday Son

Newspaper online video

VIDEO LINK...click here

Jun 18, 2008

Local Newspaper Article

June 18, 2008
Tulare couple getting the hang of their three bundles of joy


Costco has been Jaime and Anthony Delgados' best friend since November.
The Delgados, parents of 7-month-old triplets — Seth, Aiden and Emilia — buy just about everything in bulk these days, from diapers to formula.
"Formula is like a car payment," said Jaime, a stay-at-home mom.
The family spends $450 per month just on the baby formula alone, she said.
With formula comes bottle washing.
The family runs the dishwasher three times daily, she said.
"We go through 18 bottles a day," she said.
And then there are diapers — times three. The family uses approximately 25 diapers a day.
But the family has an advantage some other triplet parents may not have — family support, Jamie said.
She also has three stepchildren, Jacquelyn, Jacob and Skyler Delgado — ages 19, 16 and 12 respectively.
Three sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles and even neighbors stop by periodically to lend a helping hand.
"We have been blessed with support," she said. "I felt like [their birth] just brought [our family] closer.
Life with triplets
Toys are the main fixture in the Delgados' living room, including one bouncer and two play saucers.
All of the children have their own personalities, which makes it hard to set a schedule, Jaime said.
Aiden is the active one, Emilia is quiet and Seth is the crybaby, she said.
And when one gets sick, the others follow, she said.
"I keep the doctor real busy," she said.
And Aiden just became semi-mobile and learned how to roll on the ground.
The children are doing well developmentally and each is starting to form distinct features of their parents, she said.
"Seth looks like his dad," she said. "Aiden has my fair skin."
Sometimes she feels bad for her husband "because he has a second job when he comes home," Jaime said.
Anthony's day job is being a manager at the Saputo Cheese plant.
The triplets' siblings have adjusted without too many problems, Jacquelyn said.
"I have always loved babies. It was never an issue," she said. "I like taking them with me [to places] as long as it is just one."
Jacquelyn proudly tells people its her little sister when she takes Emilia with her, she said.
Getting up at all hours of the night wasn't a problem either.
"It's my first semester of college so I was up late anyway," she said.
Jacob likes his little brothers and sister because there is always something to do, he said.
"The only adjustment is there's baby stuff everywhere," he said.
The rough parts have been the lack of sleep and freedom, Jaime said.
"Going to Target is a major event because we have to have strollers and carriers," she said. "You have to plan everything."

Jacob Delgado, 16, of Tulare kisses sister Emilia,

the only girl in Jaime and Anthony Delgado's set of triplets born last November.


Jaime Delgado of Tulare and her triplets,

Aiden, left, and Emilia, center, and Seth, right, born last November.


Jaime and Anthony Delgado of Tulare and their triplets, Seth, Aiden and Emilia, Jacob, 16, is at right, along with Jacquelyn, 19, left and Skyler, 12.

Triplets, Seth, left, Aiden, right, and Emilia Delgado of Tulare,


"Way Back When"sday

Daddy, Bob, Emil and Angela (Patty's daughter)

Jun 17, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

Father's day weekend was spent camping at Moro Dunes, Emil, Steve, Jen, Harold and I had a wonderful time doing camping things and Steve was taking some beautiful pictures, as soon as he gets them downloaded I'll put in a link to his collection.

Jun 11, 2008

"Way Back When"sday

Emil, Jaime & Steve
taken 5/87 in Eagle River, WI

Happy Anniversary Mike & Nell

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
Many, many more years to come...

Happy Birthday Sarah

Hope you have a wonderful day and best of luck and love sent your way for the beginning of an adventurous new chapter in your life.
(Amy, Jaime and Sarah)

Jun 8, 2008

KING KONG has left the building!

me and Karen (from Walton)

A week ago, a fire swept through Universal Studios back lot, burning a 2-city block area, including parts of the court house square used in "Back to the Future" and "To Kill a Mockingbird". .

But even sadder, the fire destroyed the larger than life, (banana breath ) King Kong...

RIP BIG BOY with the Beetlejuice Grave yard Revue

Jun 7, 2008

Perfect Princess

Emilia's first all day visit with Grandmom and Grandpop. It was a beautiful day, just like her....
Mommy, Daddy, Skyler and Jake had a day in LA at a Dodgers game and the boys were with Grandmom Lynne.

Jun 6, 2008

Hibernation All Over

Emil and I took a drive up into the Sequoia Park this evening for dinner at the Wuksashi Lodge, but the best part of the trip was the treat on the way there.

Mama bear and her twin cubbies enjoying a meal of grass a long the roadway, (you can see her starring right at me in the second pic...

Jun 4, 2008

"Way Back When"sday

Hoping to start a challenge with my blogging buddies to start posting a "Way Back When"sday picture to share old memories on every Wednesday. Just a pic will do...

Jun 2, 2008

Under the Sea

Nathans end of the school year musical

Deep Trouble by Nathan
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