Jul 23, 2008

"Way Back When"sday

Jaime and Steve with their cousins,

Eric, Shannon and Alaina

in Lake Wallenpaupak about 1988

Jul 16, 2008

"Way Back When"sday

Stevie in Walton, NY
buckle fracture
mishap on a sliding board

Jul 15, 2008

Yogi Bear and Boo Boo, Bambi too

While Emil was fishing in the river for about 3 hours, I was relaxing in the truck, parked by the river, chilling in the cool forest, reading and watching the wildlife.

While I was busy making friends with a little bushy tailed squirl, I looked across the river and saw a huge cinnamon colored bear come walking up to the river bank, Emil was fishing up stream quite a bit by now, so I figured he was ok. I stayed in the truck and tried to get a picture. You can "bearly" see him in the middle of the above pic. He disappears and Emil comes back down, walking in the middle of the river. I run out and yell to him about the bear, as he comes out of the river we can see him still there resting in the bushes. As we quietly watched, his bigger brother (about 500 lbs) come walking out of the woods to the river edge. Needless to say we B line to the truck and leave them to there refreshments. Just wish I could have got better pictures... lol

Play time after Sunday dinner

After we arrived back home from our mountain retreat, everyone shows up for dinner and some play time with the kiddles.

Jul 5, 2008

Fourth of July

Warszawa Restaurant, Santa Monica

A small post script to last weekend...

I almost forgot one of the best parts to last weekend, a wonderful Polish restaurant in the heart of Santa Monica, called Warszawa.

The atmosphere is wonderful and relaxing, like having dinner at a friends home.

We enjoyed kielbasa, cucumber slices in a lemon, dill yogurt dressing, plaskis, bigos, galumkis and crepes for desert. Only wish I had had room for pierogis.

But all of this totaly inspired me to start cooking some Polish food again so this week we had some home made Plaski. I'm thinking maybe we need a family cookbook blog to get all these family recipes preserved for younger generations. hmmmmm

Jul 2, 2008

"Way Back When"sday

Christmas in the old Berkley Ave house
Michael, Emil, Kenny and Paul
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